This year, there have been numerous sightings of alligators in Michigan. The Michigan caiman population has now stepped forward to claim its share of glory.

Caimans are smaller cousins of alligators and crocodiles. They can be (normally) found from Mexico down into South America. And now add to their range Temperance in southeast Michigan. On Thursday, according to, a 3-foot caiman was found swimming in a "biology pond" near the Bedford Jr. High and High School. (Big fish eats the little fish and caiman eats the big fish - sounds like a lesson plan to me)

The school is asking students to stay away from the pond until the caiman (is there only one?) is captured. I'm sure they all will.

Bedford High School is now the home of the Kicking Mules. I ask the students WHO among you will stand up and demand the name change to the Fighting Caimans? C'mon - those new reptile scale design football uniforms will look awesome.

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