We all love a good animal story, and of course I am sure fire departments all across the country have a lot of great stories to tell over the years with many of the crazy calls they receive. One rescue mission turned into a wild goose chase for the Monroe Township Fire Department this week.

Wxyz.com is reporting that a family called about a goose or duck possibly injured on the River Raisin near Waterloo Park. The Monroe Twp. Fire Department was quick on the scene sliding down their poles, getting in gear, and speeding out onto the ice.

So here is the crazy part. When the fire fighters got closer to the bird in distress, they saw that it wasn't a real duck or goose. It was a fake bird!

I have some family members who are fireman and they say that most calls are basically routine, and they always are privy to meeting a fun cast of characters. A few laughed and said they are gonna write a book on how first responders have to deal with all the crazy calls. And some things could even could be on a TV show.

Another crazy story I remember them talking about is a girl getting stuck on a tailpipe. Also, there was another story about a couple getting in an argument, and the wife setting the husband on fire. Glad they got there in time before someone got hurt.

I have such respect and admiration for all our first responders. I wanted to be a police officer all my life, and it was my second career choice if radio did not work out.

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