Have you ever thought of a joke in your head and then said it out loud and things didn't go as planned?

If you haven't, you're either the funniest person on the planet or you just think you are. I mean, I know I've dished out a handful of bad jokes. I usually just roll with it or hit them with "Alright, tough crowd."

Well, I don't think this dude expected his joke to end up the way it did. Instead of crickets chirping, shots were fired.

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Michigan Man Shoots Brother Over Bad Joke

First things first, never insult someone's cooking. Even if that someone happens to be your brothers ex, because it might end up with you getting shot at.

According to MLive, on June 25, Bay County deputies responded to a domestic violence call in Bangor Township. When they arrived, a 47-year-old man flagged them down and told them that his younger brother had attempted to shoot him after he made a poor joke about his brother's ex-wife's cooking.

Before the incident occurred, he said that the two of them were hanging out in his brothers garage. After the joke was made, his brother, Andrew C. Phelps, pulled out a 9mm handgun and shot at him. The brother says that the bullet was about six inches from his head.

Deputies did find a bullet hole in the garage and a handgun. Phelps cooperated with the deputies and was arrested.

You can read the full story and the list of charges on MLive's website.

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