First things first. The plural of the word "emoji". Nobody has driven a stake into the ground on that one, so I will use "emojis". If you disagree, take your campaign to the comments section for this post on Facebook. Thank you. And now on with the story....

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A bill has been introduced in the Vermont State House of Representatives to let drivers add emojis to their license plates. According to the Washington Times, vehicle owners would still have to have letters or numbers identifying the vehicle, but they would have the option to add one of six emojis to their plate. It's not known which emojis would be available. If you know me, you know I have really only two emojis that I use. The "thumbs up" emoji and the "alien" emoji. I believe those two effectively communicate all my emotions. If it's more complicated than that, I will meet you in a bar and discuss the matter.

Are emoji plates in Michigan's future? If it takes off in other states, my guess is, yes.

The state of Queensland, in Australia, already has emojis on their license plates. They limit their plates to five characters (3 letters and 2 numbers) and one of five emojis. My favorites are not currently included. Which is why I won't be moving to Queensland.

What do you think? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Is the whole idea alien to you?

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