The absolute craziness that Michigan’s restaurants had to put up with this last 3 months has been so hard on many people. It was a slight climb back to normal this week when state health officials allowed a partial return to indoor dining. I for one am so excited about it because I have basically been sitting home on weekends like most of you. So I'm looking forward to eating out again. This article from says:

As people start filtering back into restaurant booths and chairs after the 10-week indoor dining shutdown, and continue to fill the creative outdoor spaces many restaurants, breweries and wineries have been using for months. Some things need to be said, owners and staff say. Restaurant workers want to give their customers the inside scoop on what they’re dealing with - and what they expect from their guests.

They’re also asking that we all abide by the rules and to be kind to everyone as they adjust to being back. I will be tipping more as well to help these kind folks get back on their feet.

 The reopenings started last Monday and came with multiple limitations, including on capacity as well as hours.  So let's do this and have a great time eating out again. Here is the first restaurant I am visiting: The Nuthouse in Downtown Lansing because it is right down the street from me, and I love their food. The bar is fun too.

What bars and restaurants did you miss the most? What's the first one you went, or are going too?

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