Winter is here and we haven't hit the worst part of the season yet, but before we do, have these activities ready so it will make the winter more bearable. Now we aren't up to the time in winter where there are six inches of snow on the ground and you can't leave for a day or two, but you want to make sure you have one or a few of the activities below ready to go before that happens. Trust me, it will help with your sanity or if you get "cabin fever" a lot during the winter.

  • Get those crock pot/slow cooker recipes ready to go. This will help heat up your body and house and also leave the house smelling good.
  • De-clutter/Organize your house. This will help you during the warm months when you are looking for something or don't want to clean or organize your house when it's actually nice outside.
  • Take up a new Hobby. One of the biggest hobbies to take up during the winter months is knitting or crocheting (these two hobbies can help with your winter clothes situation or gifts).
  • Unleash Your Art. (This can be a great thing for your kids as well to keep them occupied) The easiest thing to do is buy your art items at the beginning of winter or before a storm happens. Once that blizzard comes and everyone is trapped inside, just grab some paper and paint and get to it. You can also learn how to draw or paint during the season as well.
  • Become a Mixologist. Learn your favorite cocktail or maybe make a new one. Plus if you do this at home, you don't need a ride home and can safely make it to your bed.
  • Learn yoga or another exercise. Yoga is always a great thing to learn and will help you get through stress as well as help you not feel like you are trapped inside all day.
  • Get your book list started. If you have a book list or are looking to finally make one, the winter is perfect time to start a book that you have always wanted to read.
  • Get your plants ready for spring. You can figure out what you are going to grow now before spring comes, or you can get some plants started inside before you plant them outside.

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