Every state has areas where crime seems to be more prevalent.

Higher crime rates are typically associated with more urban areas, as well as those that have experienced an economic downturn, but that's not always the case.

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Each year, the Michigan State Police's Criminal Justice Information Center division compiles statistical crime information from all around the state to help provide a general overview of crime in Michigan. Crimes ranging from murder and assault to robbery, larceny and burglary are included, as are carjackings, non-fatal shootings, arson, motor vehicle theft, retail fraud theft and more.

The most recent data available for crime statistics in Michigan is from 2021. The 2021 Crime in Michigan Annual Report breaks down crime statistics county-by-county, and law enforcement agency by law enforcement agency within each county. It also includes details on which Michigan law enforcement agencies are listed as non-participating for this report year.

The data comes with a disclaimer from the agency:

Agencies unable to submit complete data by March 1, 2022, will show artificially low crime counts in this report. This may be due to agencies experiencing a disruption in their crime submission process or transition to a new records management system. Users are cautioned against performing trend analysis or ranking agencies/cities, especially for those agencies/cities that indicate a significant increase or decrease in yearly crime counts.

- Michigan Incident Crime Reporting, MICR 2021 Annual Report

That being said, these are the 40 Michigan counties with the highest number of reported crimes in the state's survey period ending March 1, 2022. (Ionia County barely misses the top 40, coming in at #41.)

40 Michigan Counties with the Highest Number of Crimes

According the most recent data made public by the Michigan State Police's Criminal Justice Information Center, these are the 40 Michigan counties with the highest number of reported crimes.

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