How many beers does it take before you are, as they say, "feeling no pain"?

A recent survey says it takes the average Michigander 4.02 beers. The only state with higher tolerance is Arizona - it takes them 4.04 beers (What is that? Like one more sip?). The rest of the top five were Maine (3.88 beers), Wisconsin (3.88 beers) and Missouri (3.87 beers). The national average is 3.45 beers., who conducted the survey, isn't celebrating this info - but they say it's good to know your limits when you go out, presumably so you don't do anything stupid. As part of the survey they also found that 12% of Michiganders felt drunk after just one beer. I don't know any of those people.

The state with the lowest tolerance level? California. Must be all those wine drinkers.

How did Michigan get to this level of tolerance? speculates it's our "craft beer industry and a summer culture anchored by things like boating, camping and golfing." Oh, yeah - and those long, dark winters.

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