As a child, coloring can be a great way to pass the time and a way to have a creative outlet. As an adult, we might still turn to coloring books as a way to, instead, relieve stress. Or at least distract us from reality even if it's just for 15 minutes.

If you search for coloring books online, whether for a child or adult, you'll find many options. That includes coloring books that are all about Michigan. In fact, locally, at least to Vicksburg, a man named Sam Morrison recently posted about his own coloring book that he created featuring the fish of Michigan.

That led me to search for other Michigan-themed coloring books. Here are at least 6:

1. Fish of Michigan

As mentioned above, this one is by Sam Morrison who lives in Vicksburg. It features the most common fish found in Michigan like pike, bass, catfish, trout, and more.

2. For the U of M Fans

Color Me Michigan: A University of Michigan Coloring Book is, as you can guess, all about U of M. Whether you attended, are going to attend, or just hoping that your kid will also attend, this coloring book is perfect for any fan of the University of Michigan. It's 104 pages long so, you should be able to keep yourself entertained for quite a while.

3. Michigan Coloring Book 

According to the description, this coloring book is for an adult coloring book. But, the suggested age range is 12-18 so, I'm sure it would be suitable for the teens, too. Inside, you'll find Michigan's scenic landmarks and more.

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4. Michigan Wildlife: A Coloring Field Guide

This one is unique because it acts as both a coloring book and an educational tool, too. Animal tracts, habitats, life cycles, fun facts, and more are all featured in this book with scenic pictures that you can color.

5. All About Detroit 

Focused on the city of Detroit, this book features photos from the author, Colin Michael McConnell, turned into colorable pictures. You'll notice some prominent landmarks from around the city and much more.

6. Michigan: An Adult Coloring Book

This coloring book features two copies of each picture giving you the chance to "mess up". You'll find some notable landmarks from around the state along with abstract patterns. While it says it's for adults, the kids would probably love it, too.

There's one more coloring book you might have seen but, this one is just about Kalamazoo. Check it out:

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