As a Michigander, we've all seen one of these.

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Heck, some of us have one of these appliances. But the question is not do you have one... The question is, what do you call it? It goes by many names.

I'm talking about the ever present "garage fridge".

The Michigan "Beer Fridge"

Or "beer fridge", "party fridge", "spare fridge". And keep in mind, your extra fridge doesn't necessarily have to be in the garage to be considered a "garage fridge". Heck, it could be in your basement.

This certainly seems to be a Michigan phenomenon. Having visited with friends and family in other states like California, they don't have something like this.

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And the best part about this "beer fridge" is that you use it for a whole lot more than just beer. Yes, my "beer fridge" has a good selection of Michigan craft beers, hard seltzers, and wine. But, it also has soda, sparkling water, juice pouches, and extra milk.

The freezer side of things, that's stocked with all the frozen meat waiting to be prepared. And of course, that's where leftovers go to die.

What Do You Call That Extra Drink Fridge That Basically Every Michigander Has?

At the end of the day, what do you call this Michigan phenomenon? Are you more partial to "beer fridge", "garage fridge", or (the name that my husband and I have for it) "party fridge"? Or, is the more important thing what you're getting from the fridge, and not what it's called?

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