Most parents this time of year start to get a little worn down from entertaining the kiddies, bringing them to their games, running them with their friends to the movies, well you get the point.

So ask any parent, are you ready for the kids to go back to school? and you may get a very quick YES!  I always hated going back to school after summer vacation as a kid, but since kids were home last year because of COVID19, they may be anxious to go back this year.

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This is the time of year also when parents start their back-to-school shopping. Michigan Meijer stores are sharing some trends for back-to-school shopping this year according to

Meijer stores in the Mitten say that after more than a year of virtual learning, moms and dads are shopping for back-to-school much earlier than usual.

Here Is What We Are shopping For This Year

Most are shopping for just the basics because many are on a tight budget as you can imagine from the pandemic. Things like gel pens, markers, pencils, paper, and notebooks.

Families really want to be prepared for returning to classes, so the enthusiasm for in-person learning is really evident as they shop in our stores,” said May Graceffa, director of back-to-school merchandising for Meijer. “We’re seeing parents collaborating with students to plan ‘their’ look and choose the supplies that will best match their personalities while sitting in class and walking through school halls.


What Is Back This Year


Backpacks are back on the list, as well as sports accessories, Popular colors are back for many items like notebooks, folders, pencil pouches, etc. Reusables are back being popular as you might expect, like lunch boxes, lunch bags. Also don't forget masks, sanitizer, and wipes as we are not out of the woods yet.

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