There have been quite a few changes made at your local Meijer this week. One of the more recent changes at Meijer is that they are asking their shoppers to limit their use of reusable bags. According to a press release from Meijer, "as an extra precaution, we’re also asking customers to please limit the use of reusable bags for your Shop & Scan purchases only. We’ll continue to provide single-use plastic bags for your purchases at our checkout lanes and self-checkout".

Meijer also announced changes to their store hours and said that they would be closing their stores at 10 pm each night to allow for re-stocking. Read more about that here. They also announced that they would be offering dedicated shopping hours to first responders and essential services workers – including Meijer team members – on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 am until 8 am.

Another big announcement this week from Meijer was that they are temporarily suspended their bottle return service at their stores. Click here to find out more about those changes.

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