"The Wolves of Isle Royale" sounds like a soap opera, but it does have something all good stories have: drama, conflict, possible failure (not to mention a supporting cast of 1600 moose) And now - hopefully a happy ending.

After years of debate about introducing new wolves onto Isle Royale to keep the pack going and control the moose population, the National Park Service has actually done just that. According to MLive.com, this past week, two wolves, one male and one female from Minnesota, were released in separate areas and away from the two resident wolves. The NPS plans to eventually add 20-30 new wolves in the next couple of years.

The two wolves were successfully released on Wednesday, but another female wolf captured in Minnesota and bound for Isle Royale died on Friday, presumably from stress brought on from the capture and relocation process.

If you want to check out a great documentary film about the whole debate - watch "Predator/Prey: The Fight For Isle Royale Wolves". They showed it last year at the East Lansing Film Festival.

Here's the story about the release of the wolves last week.


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