This is either good news or bad news depending on how you look at it. If you're someone who's not the biggest fan of facial hair and you've been nagging your partner to clean up their face, here's a solution. On the other hand, if you love a nice beard, you may be unhappy for about a month or so. But it's for a good cause! McDonald's is bringing the McRib back tomorrow and they want you to shave your face for it.

The McRib has been off of the McDonald's menu since 2012 and in honor of bringing it back, they're giving away a free sandwich to the first 10,000 customers who can prove that they've shaved their face on social media. They're teaming up with No-Shave November and all the money raised on Wednesday, will go towards the company. In a recent news release, Senior Executive director of No-Shave November, Monica Hill said,

"No-Shave November is a month-long journey where we ask participants to put down their razors and ‘get hairy’ in the name of cancer awareness. We’re thrilled McDonald’s is supporting this important cause, getting both the bearded and the non-bearded involved beyond November simply by purchasing a McRib."

To enter to win, you have to post a picture of your recently shaven face on Twitter or Instagram with the required tags: @McDonalds and #Shave4McRibSweepstakes.The first 10,000 entries will get a $15 UberEats/McDelivery code. For a list of full details, click here.

Will you be shaving your face for a free McRib tomorrow? Maybe you don't have facial hair, are you going to make your partner shave their face for one? Download the app and send us a message!

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