This year, it feels so much like it's been bad news after bad news non-stop, but finally something good. McDonald's is bringing back the McRib sandwich, nationwide, beginning on December 2nd.

If you read this story in Business Insider, it reads like something out of a spy novel. Leaked documents to a website name McRibGate, and the guy who runs it not wanting his full name published, followed by a confirmation by an unnamed McDonald's employee. (But relax, McDonald's corporate has finally confirmed the return.)

The article quotes Linda VanGosen, McDonald's vice president of menu innovation (now there's a title): "To our customers, it's become more than a delicious, saucy moment… it's a season, and it's taking the internet by storm. That's why this year, we're proud to serve the McRib nationwide for everyone to enjoy."

What a national roll-out means is no longer having to cross your fingers when you click on the McRib locator link. In this year like no other, McDonald's seems to realize we need our comfort food, i.e., McRib.

Now, if you're rolling your eyes, look at all the folks that line up for a chicken sandwich at Popeye's and at Chick-Fil-A. And that's just a chicken sandwich. This is a legendary McRib. I can't speak for anyone else but I'll gladly skip Thanksgiving dinner just to prepare for the return of the McRib.

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