Here's a big time achievement for our guy, Detroit Lions quarterback, Matthew Stafford.

Big ups to Number 9 because even though the Lions went down in defeat to the Minnesota Vikings (shout out though to one of our other guys, MSU alum Kirk Cousins), Stafford still achieved a pretty cool record in pretty quick order.

According to MLive, in the history of the National Football League, he is now the quarterback who made it to the 40 thousand yard mark faster than anyone else. That's right, huge yardage and faster than anyone else.

Pretty cool.

Entering the game today with the Vikes, Stafford needed less than 90 yards to clench the record and he needed only 147 games to get to the 40K mark. Some of the other quarterbacks who have hit this mark in short order are Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Dan Marino and Aaron Rodgers. Pretty lofty company, indeed.

Get more information here from MLive about Matthew Stafford's big day.

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