Have you been to Mason lately? You may have noticed that some of the light poles are decked out in different décor.

That's because the first ever 'Making Memories Mason Light Pole Decorating Contest' is in full swing!

All of the light poles are super creative and have all different kinds of summer and patriotic vibes. Some have even incorporated Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ flags into their themes.

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The purpose of the contest

Executive Director of the chamber, Sarah Russell, tells Fox 47 that they've done contests similar to this one, but the main focus of this event is to bring business to the community in a fun and exciting way.

Russell says that when you visit, you'll be able to see who decorated each pole.

To see participation now with not only our member businesses but also with additional organizations jumping in and families who’ve adopted poles – so, when you come downtown to see them you can check out the tags on each of the poles. That will tell you who decorated.

You can read the full story and check out some of Mason's light poles on Fox 47's website.

Contest Information

The contest kicked off at the end of May and goes until July 7. It's $25 to enter which will help fund the chamber's free public events.

You must use something other than tape to attach your decorations to the light pole, as tape doesn't hold in extreme weather. You may use zip ties, string, twine or thin wire.

The categories are spring/summer or a patriotic theme.

There will be a winner in each category and both winners will receive a $50 gift card to use at any of the participating chamber businesses.

If you would like more information on entering the light pole decorating contest, click here.

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