In 1968, Chris Ketchum was a 15-year old kid, walking across M-36 near Mason, when he saw something unusual in the snow. Big footprints.

"I got out to the road and there was like a huge footprint," said Ketchum, 67. "I then saw another one on the other side of the road, so whatever it was had a stride of 8 or 9 feet."

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According to, Chris says, "I figured, it had to be Bigfoot". He never actually saw Bigfoot, but he says many people in the Mason area have (if you've seen Bigfoot near Mason - I need to hear from you - now). Now, Chris is making sure everybody sees one. He's spending his time during the coronavirus shutdown making 8-foot tall, silhouette cutouts of Bigfoot, to be displayed outside.

Much better (IMO) than the "leaning cowboy" silhouettes.

Here's the story (with contact info, if you want your own Bigfoot).

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