Many job opportunities seem to be opening up since 2021 has started.  Amazon seems to always be hiring, as well as many other big company's. This of course is a sign that the economy is getting time better.  Now we just need to get everyone vaccinated, and gas prices to drop, and we will be in good shape.

Here is another job opportunity from The Michigan Department of Corrections. They just announced they have 1,800 job openings throughout the whole state of Michigan according to

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Department of Corrections Public Information Officer Chris Gautz said they particularly need "corrections officers, nursing staff, as well as food service workers. Those are three mission critical positions that we need to have filled to be able to do our jobs everyday in the facilities.

Here is how some of the job openings shape up. 47 openings at Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center, 43 available at G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility, 33 at Parnall Correctional Facility and 16 up for grabs at Cooper Street Correctional Facility.

The Department is trying to get more money for salaries, and increase benefit's for all it's employees.  The COVID19 Dilemma will be over at some point, with a little luck sooner then we think. This means they have to come up with ideas to fill all these openings.  I guess they lose about 50 employees each month due to retirement and promotion.

So these days if we need a job, and have to support our families, some people may look at a different career to put put food on the table.

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