There have been mixed reviews from the people I am surrounded by these days on whether they like working from home or would rather be in the office. Erica and I have been given the choice to work from home or come into the studio here in Lansing. We chose to come in and wear masks and wash our hands a lot. But many enjoy working from home. I personally like to get out of house. I don't like being shut in everyday.

Many folks want to keep working form home and don't want to return to the workplace according to

Among those who have started working remotely, 54 percent reported that they want to continue working from home after the coronavirus outbreak ends. Those with positive work-from-home experiences said they now have more flexible working hours, and roughly 75 percent stated that their transition to telework has been easy.

I see both sides really. Before I came here to WITL when the pandemic was starting, I did work from home for a bit. It was kind of nice doing my show from the kitchen in my pajamas. But it got old after a week. I liked having my coworkers in the building.

So what do you think?  Do you like working from home? Will you be happy to go into work after the pandemic?

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