First - to readers from outside of Michigan who saw the headline and thought this would be a wild story about a strip-club robbery gone bad - thanks for the click, but you are about to be disappointed. There are no photos of any "dancers". AND - the "a" in our pasties story is short. will explain.

According to The Mining Journal in Marquette, a man is in custody after allegedly robbing Irontown Pasties in Negaunee Tuesday evening. Police say a masked man, brandishing (that word doesn't get used enough) a handgun, entered the business in Negaunee (between Marquette and Ishpeming) around 9:48PM on Tuesday night. He demanded money from the lone female employee, who gave him $475. The "perp" then fled on foot. They caught the suspect at a residence in Ishpeming at 2AM yesterday morning. So, nice work by the cops up there.

Two things:

1. You have to be pretty desperate to rob a pasty shop in the U.P. on a Tuesday night.

2. $475? Apparently there's more money in pasties than I thought. (Haha - I know - "money in pasties" is a lot funnier with the "long a")


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