What's the best pizza?  New York, Detroit or Chicago style?  Thin crust or deep dish?  Everyone has their own opinion, but really, even bad pizza is still pretty good.

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. I'm not a big fan of raised dough pizza where you taste way more bread than the toppings. I prefer thin crust because it's crispy, there are less carbs, and the toppings are the star of the pie. Plus nowadays you can even get a cauliflower crust if you cutting carbs, and it's really not bad as long as it's crispy.

I grew up on the south side of Chicago with Aurelio's, Nancy's, Geno's, and my favorite thin crust in the chicagoland area is Ed and Joe's in Tinley Park IL about 30 miles south of Chicago.

I'm familiar with Chicago pizza places, and now I'm looking forward to seeing what Lansing has to offer. I know Michigan is known for being the home to several of the major pizza chains (Dominos, Jets, and Little Caesars).While I'm exploring the Lansing pizza options, I may make my own so I can still get my fix.

If you like to make your own pizza at home, here are some tips from Food Network:

Do have any tips for homemade pizza? Send me a message through the app!

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