Normally when I visit Northern Michigan, I expect to see lots of trees, pasty stands, and signs for fresh white fish... not a giant robot statue that resembles a Transformer. But, that's definitely what you'll find if you make your way to Mackinaw City.

Robot That Looks Like a Transformer Installed in Mackinaw City

Inside Mackinaw City is the Mackinaw Crossings shopping district, and the shopping district has a brand new resident; a 30-foot-tall art robot named Mack-A-Tron.

Mack-A-Tron is a permanent art installation that is brand new to the area. One of the owners of Mackinaw Crossings said, "We were looking for something that said Mackinaw City and Michigan." Now, at first glance, this Transformers-looking statue may not scream 'Michigan', but I'd offer that perhaps a second look is needed.

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It turns out this specific installation is made with auto parts and pieces of the Mackinac Bridge. Not only that, but if you recall, parts of some of the Transformers movies were shot right here in Michigan.

According to MLive, this behemoth statue was constructed with more than 1,000 automotive parts and weighs approximately 15,000 pounds. Take a look at these stunning pictures that Aaron Thompson Photo Taker took.

I think it is so cool that someone made this. The idea that someone thought to take automotive parts and have the ability to arrange them in such a way as to create this piece of art is truly wonderful.

Apparently, not everyone is a fan of this art installation. But I say the perfect comment against that from one Dan D. on Facebook: "The only people who wouldn't like this are Decepticons."

Maybe take a trip to Mackinaw City to see it in person and judge for yourself?

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