They aren't messing around with the thousands of travelers who come through every day.

The Mackinac Bridge Authority is asking all customers who pass over the bridge and pay the toll to wear a mask.

"@Mackinacbridge request that you wear a mask when paying your toll, even though it takes just a few seconds. Our collectors interact with thousands of customers each day, so please – for their safety and yours – wear a mask when you reach the toll booth."

More than 220,000 people crossed the Mackinac Bridge in May of this year; the June statistics will be on their way soon. That's more than 7,000 travelers per day, paying the tolls. And, of course, the numbers only go up as we get further into the summer months.

Are we the only ones who have a bunch of masks in our glove compartment now? Fun fact - glove compartments were originally for storing your driving gloves. Since none of us have driving gloves anymore, is it going too far to say that we should call it a "mask" compartment or a mask box? Too much?

Either way, wear a mask when you pay the toll, please.

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