If you ask a non-Lansing resident, who the Lugnuts are, they are going to think you're crazy, or talking about a piece to a car...

Seriously, next time you're talking to someone from the Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, or even the Kalamazoo area ask them if they know who the Lugnuts are.

Sections At Jackson Field The Average Nut Won't See

Most of the time, the average night at Jackson Field is with friends, family, and typically something to cool over the long day or even week.

If you're like me and want to save a few bucks, you're probably sitting in the green chairs with most of the crowd, or heading over near the lofts for a quick drink.

Regardless, I made a trip down to Jackson Field and took some pictures you may not see on an average trip down to the next Lugnuts game.

Take a look below!

Pictures From Jackson Field The Average Nut Won't See

We all are nuts for the Lugnuts. It's an atmosphere that is unlike any other in Lansing. Plus, you can grab a beer and enjoy a night out with friends, and see the occasional home run. Take a look at some of the sights the average Lugnuts attendee won't see.

The Top Foods To Get At Every Baseball Game

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But while you're doing that, don't forget to grab your favorite ballpark snack. Take a look below at some

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