At least the fans of the most miserable franchise in the NFL have a sense of humor.

It's inevitable. After losing a close game, the Lions usually follow that up by getting blown out and Sunday was no exception, as the Cincinnati Bengals inflicted a 34-11 ass whupping on the Pussycats.

That loss made the Lions once again the worst team in the NFL, and the only team without a win at 0-6.

But true Lions fans don' cry about it, we laugh about it, and the social media universe was no exception yesterday, as Lions fans from throughout the land made fun of their sad, sad plight.

It starts with a slow clap of appreciation for yet another lame effort, settling for a field goal instead of a touchdown.

It quickly moved on to the immense pain and regret another player in the League might feel when trade to the Motor City.

And quickly evolved into simple resignation of who we are and will continue to be...

And there's some who have turned the pain into something that can be manifested physically.

And then it turned into simple, straight up name calling.

And, finally, just the unbearable weight of discovering you are now alone in the NFL cellar, never to be let out...

Chins up, Lions fans, next April we'll have the first choice of all of the top college players, and we will do as we've done before, and simply pick the wrong one.

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