Here's a little game you can play with the whole family. In a move that clearly says, "I'm bored and I've reached the end of the internet", I've devised a game called "Punk Rock Band or Medical Term".

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We've all heard a lot of medical terms being thrown around recently. And I've always been a fan of catchy band names. So, I combined the two. Yay, me.

The words or phrases you are about to see are actual names of bands or actual medical terms. Not ALL of the bands are punk bands and some are very successful. (If you don't recognize them, it's probably because only the cool kids know about them) My guess is health-care workers may know some of the medical terms and head-bangers may know some of the bands - but how many head-banging health-care workers are out there? We're about to find out.

Scroll down just enough to see the word and guess "punk rock band" or "medical term". Then scroll down a bit more to see the answer and information about the term or band.

Good luck. This is your first step towards medical school.


Punk Rock Band - Or Medical Term?

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