William Strampel, 70, is accused of multiple instances of sexual harassment from female students at Michigan State. An affidavit in support of the felony CSC charges states that Strampel "required a female medical student to turn around in circles so he could observe her body; asked one female student what he had to teach her to be submissive and subordinate to men; and grabbed the buttocks of two female students," MLive.com reports.

Also according to the affidavit, Strampel is accused of violating MSU's Acceptable Use Policy which claims he abused the authority of his public office to solicit, receive and possess pornographic images of women who appear to be MSU students. Those were found from a search warrant that was executed in early February.

Strampel is facing one charge of misconduct of a public official, one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, a high court misdemeanor, and two counts of willful neglect of duty. All together, the charges could add up to over seven years in prison and fines of over $10,000.

Strampel was arrested on Monday and is currently being held in Ingham County jail. An investigator for the Attorney General's office is holding a press conference at noon. Strampel is expected to be arraigned later Tuesday afternoon.

MSU interim President John Engler in February began the process to remove Strampel's tenure and fire him. Strampel has been on medical leave since late 2017.

The Wall Street Journal reports Strampel in 2016 said he didn't believe sexual abuse claims against Nassar.

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