Iargo Springs is one of the many beautiful places you can enjoy in the lower peninsula that really gives you a U.P. vibe, even though it's located just south of Alpena. But what Iargo Springs in Oscoda has in terms of beauty, it also is quite the workout to get to and enjoy, so hydration is crucial when it comes to visiting, especially when it comes to the steps that lead to the springs. Sure going down is easy, but coming back up is a workout that you're most likely not used to. The sign leading to the stairs reads:

ONLY 300 STEPS AND YOU'RE THERE! This stairway will lead you down to the springs. At the bottom, there are several hundred feet of boardwalk and a couple of small viewing decks that overlook Cooke Pond. The stairs are almost a 200 foot vertical drop. Be prepared for a good workout coming up. Please take advantage of the benches located along the stairway.

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This isn't the only place that has a tremendous amount of stairs near beautiful scenery, as even on the west side in Saugatuck, Mount Baldhead has 300 steps as well. It may seem like an easy feat to overcome, but coming from someone who almost needed emergency rescue climbing a dune at Sleeping Bear and it taking almost 2 hours to get back up, do not take the challenge lightly and make sure to rest when you need to. Also, bring water.

Iargo Springs - Oscoda, Michigan

Iargo Springs makes for a gorgeous hike for anyone who loves being by the Au Sable river up in Northeast Michigan. We also think it is pretty photogenic.

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