UPDATE: Good news! The boater has been found safe! The boat apparently floated away after she came on shore yesterday. Thanks for all who shared.

It seems like weird things continue to happen in 2020. So far, there's been a global pandemic, Tiger King, Prince Harry and Meghan left Buckingham Palace, murder hornets and more. Well, here's another weird thing that's happened this year and this time the story comes from the Lansing area.

On Wednesday, May 20th, 2020, a message was sent out by the Capital Area Ingham County Alerts about an overturned kayak that was found in the Red Cedar River by the Lansing Township Fire Department. Officials were monitoring the rising flood water levels along the Red Cedar River near when they discovered the kayak. The Lansing Township Fire Department and officials with the East Lansing Fire Department were able to retrieve the kayak, however, no one was found in the area.

Police say they found a cooler and a pair of Crocs in the kayak. You can see pictures of the kayak and its contents in the photos below. If you recognize the kayak or its contents, or if you saw a kayaker in the Red Cedar River around 4 pm on Wednesday afternoon, you should call the Ingham County 911 Center non-emergency line at (517) 272-6026. Also, you can find out more about how to get signed up to receive Capital Area Ingham County Alerts by clicking here.

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