I know it's cold out and many folks have been forced to stay in the house because of the pandemic. As the vaccines start to travel across the country and spring starts sneaking up on us, we will be heading outdoors again. But even in this cold, we have to get out and take a walk and get fresh air.

Being fairly new to the Lansing area, I of course need to know where all the trails and parks are for exercise and long walks.

Lansingfamilyfun.com says a some of the best parks to check out are Frances Park, "where a Rose Garden is tucked away in trails overlooking the Grand River." Also Burchfield Park, "where tubing not only gives us a workout climbing up the hill but has us all grinning ear to ear over hot cocoa at the end."

Here a are a few more to visit:

  • Granger Meadows Park has great trails and hills to climb for all seasons.
  • Valley Farms Park/Community Center has a new renovated baseball diamond.
  • Grand Woods, which is near the Lansing Mall with a lot of trees along the Grand River.

These are just a few Lansing area parks to go out and enjoy with the kids, or maybe by yourself to take a long walk to de-stress and get some air.

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