Wow, this is really exciting for Lansing! How about a new ice rink, a new dog park downtown and a public cricket field? I say bring it on. Being a new resident in Lansing (here for only 4 months), I am always looking for new things to do in the area.

Here are some cool things coming to the Lansing area according to 2020 is history and we are all looking forward to good times ahead. This is an exciting plan we can really look forward to:

 Lansing’s Parks and Recreation Department's five-year plan to expand and improve parks across the city includes a public cricket field at Frances Park, a dog park near downtown and buying 66 acres east of Fine Park from the Lansing School District.

And that's not all folks. The Lansing Parks and Recreation Department says it has big plans to expand and improve parks across the city over the next five years. In addition to that the city will also begin work on the Moore's Park Pool. It will need an estimated $1.2 million in repairs in the coming years.

This is all stuff the whole family can look forward to. I especially am excited about the ice skating rink because I found it hard to ice skate when I was a kid. But when I tried it a few years ago again, I took to it pretty quick and it was great exercise.

Is there anything in Lansing you think we need or need to renovate?

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