Just saying Italian food makes me smile. My mother comes from an Italian family and I grew up with my share of good Italian cooking.  I was fortunate enough to eat things like Gnocci, Ravioli, and some of the best meatballs and Italian sausage. My uncles even made their own wine.

Of course, Lasagna was one of our favorites, and to mix it up Mom would sometimes make it with rice instead of noodles.  She called it baked rice we called it lasagna with rice.  It was amazing. Every Sunday of course was Pasta day in our family.

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National Lasagna Day

Did you know National Lasagna Day is July 29th every year?  And according to fox47news.com there is a cool event called "Lasagna Love" and they want to show extra love this week by giving away 100 lasagnas all around the Lansing area and 5,000 across the country

Starting on Saturday running through next Sunday, we're hoping to make 5000, that is 500 more than we as a national team have ever made in any week before," said Lansing area coordinator Lisa Wallace. The organization was started by a San Diego woman named Rhiannon Menn in March of last year.


How Do I Get My Lasagna?

This is so cool, and such a great idea. Such a great way to help out those hungry in our community. There will be about 66 chefs involved in the greater Lansing area, and anyone hungry and in need can enjoy this great Italian dish.

Get ready to eat, anyone in the Lansing area can request a lasagna.  if you want to get in on the kindness you can find out more and request a lasagna at lasagnalove.org. Don't forget to grab a cannoli for dessert, yum.

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