As much as many of us try to avoid talking about and arguing over politics, that seems to be more unrealistic every day. Political decisions and opinions have power, the people behind them are passionate and, like it or not, they do factor into what people assume about a business, a person, an organization, etc.

That usually goes without saying, but it's something that needs to be reiterated as we get into the current social media mess Lansing Brewing Company is finding themselves in after announcing they'd be the venue for a politically-charged mixer.

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The "Maga Mi Rally and Maga Mixer"

Recently, it was announced on the Facebook page "Maga Mi Rally and Maga Mixer" that on Saturday, March 26th there will be a rally "to support President Trump" on the steps of Michigan's capitol.

From there, interested parties from the rally will be moving to the Lansing Brewing Company where there will be a "Maga Mixer" with speakers, a live band, etc.

According to the information posted, this is meant to be "an event centered around rallying support behind the grassroots candidates who have been endorsed by President Donald J. Trump and his Save America PAC."

Lansing Brewing Company, like many breweries and businesses like it, can rent out their space to whomever they choose for various events, parties, etc. However, this one has got quite a few people across the community a bit bothered (to say the least).

Strange Matter Coffee Calls Out Lansing Brewing Company

As people across Lansing and surrounding communities began to hear more about the event and how LBC is the venue of choice, political opinions caused many to speak up and say they would no longer be patrons of the brewery if they did not cancel the event.

While the community made its voice heard on the matter, other local businesses chimed in as well. One being Strange Matter Coffee Co. who tweeted their stance on Sunday, February 27th:

If you'll notice, Strange Matter's message(s) went out between 5:30 and 6:30 PM.

Well, at 8:57 PM, Lansing Brewing Company tweeted their response to any and all criticism they had been receiving:

While we can only speculate here, LBC had been getting some negative feedback before Strange Matter chimed in. However, looking at the timing of it all, we feel like it is what sparked the public response from LBC.

What Exactly Are People Saying About the "Maga Mixer" at Lansing Brewing Company?

When you see local businesses beefing like this, it does make you wonder, "are other people actually pretty fired up about this too?" and yes, yes they are.

Even more so, people feel that the Lansing Brewing Company's statement was exactly that, a statement, not an apology. Furthermore, they feel it says a lot more than what was written about the kinds of events that are accepted there.

We will have to wait and see how this plays out for the folks over at Lansing Brewing Company.

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