I know - you've been concerned about where the scooters went. You were told they would be back when the weather warmed up. You were told to plan on zipping around East Lansing with the wind in your hair this spring, laughing at everyone who had to walk or drive. It was going to be so sweet. And then.....nothing.

Today, we have news. A great battle has been waged and there's a new scooter king in town. A company called Gotcha will be providing the scooters now. According to the City Pulse, South Carolina-based scooter rental startup Gotcha, yesterday announced plans to have 200 electric scooter rentals operating throughout Michigan State University, Lansing and East Lansing by late August. Like a nerd-version of a Game of Thrones battle to see who would win the rights to provide on-campus scooters, Gotcha has prevailed.

And now, last year's scooter kings, Lime and Bird, want nothing to do with us. They apparently only wanted the young ones to feast on. Lansing Mayor Andy Schor, said, “My understanding is that since MSU has gone exclusively for one company, the others will not come to the area."

Pity. We would have paid their fees and worn their helmets. (I probably wouldn't have, but...) And their scooters would've never ended up in the Red Cedar.

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