How cool is this? For the past month or so, Kroger has been testing some incredible new things in grocery shopping. Like new smart carts called "KrogGo." The technology allows shoppers to load up their cart with groceries, then pay by swiping their credit or debit card on the cart.  Then simply making their way to the parking lot. This from I love this idea and think it's a great way to get in and out especially if you don't enjoy shopping.

I tend to stop at convenient stores and pay higher prices, but that means I have less options just because it is saving me time and I am in a hurry.

I have lately been doing all my shopping at Capital City Market in downtown Lansing. I love it because I live right there. I have compared and they do have lower prices than other grocery stores in Lansing. I like the fact that they have thousands of items including local and specialty business products like desserts and homemade items.

What I don't like is sometimes checking out, scanning my own items and having the computer not read the item. Then you have to wait for somebody to come type it in.  I don't mind bagging my own stuff.  Probably because that was my first job bagging groceries at Jewel Food Store in Chicago. Yep, that's where I leaned to never put eggs on the bottom or an old lady would come back and give me am earful.

Where is your favorite place to shop? What do you dislike about grocery shopping?

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