A true flashback to my childhood and 90's kids alike, as well as cereal fanatics.

Do you remember them? I remember a few times just eating them without the milk.

The straws were pulled from the shelves about 12 years ago, and are coming back after popular demand.

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That popular demand was from pleas across the internet and an additional 81,500 signatures from Change.org, "Bring back Froot Loops Cereal Straws."

"These flavorful straws will take '90s kids straight back to their childhood -- and [they're] already earning tons of buzz from '90’s kids and cereal fans alike," Kellogg announced in a release. "These flavorful straws are evocative of your favorite bowl of cereal. Both flavors are available in three sizes, ideal for a quick snack or for sharing with family or friends," Kellogg's added. Qoute from Good Morning America.

Just in case you can't remember the sweet treat, check out this commercial for the Froot Loops Cereal Straws from 2009 below.

When they were first introduced, there were three different flavored brans of the cereal, one of which was the Froot Loop straws, another Cocoa Krispies flavor, and the last was the Apple Jack flavored straws. Not that it matters, but my personal favorites were the Froot Loop straws.

The Froot Loops and Cocoa Krispies are the two flavors that are being brought back to cereals across the nation. You can expect to see straws sold in packs of five, and at retailers by October.

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