When Keith Urban showed up to the 2015 Grammy Awards with wife Nicole Kidman on Sunday night (Feb. 8), he looked a little ... different. The Aussie had pulled his signature shaggy, blond locks into a messy little ponytail -- and social media went absolutely crazy.

Yes, Urban's Grammys look was modern rocker! He sported an all-black Lanvin outfit (matching his gorgeous wife) with a casual sport jacket left open to reveal his black scoop neck T-shirt. His chest tattoo -- and chiseled pecs -- peeked out from under the low neckline.

But let's be honest about something: It is Urban's ponytail that everyone is talking about the next day.

Call it a man pony. Call it rocker-chic. Whatever you call it, just give him due credit, because Urban managed to make a sloppy, half-done ponytail look super sexy. His light-colored mane has a ton of layers, so there was a lot of hair that he left out, with his bangs still framing his face.Did he pull it back in the limo on the way to the show? Did his young daughters have a say in the style? Was this planned months in advance? So many questions remain coming out of the 2015 Grammys.

Love it or hate it one thing is certain -- Urban was the perfect bit of mess to Kidman's coif. Although the star may not be able to pull off a man bun quite as well as Reid Perry, we still think he looks darn good. What says you -- Love the ponytail, or leave it? Vote below, then see what others had to say about the look.

Grammy viewers react to Keith Urban's ponytail:

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