Keith Urban and his wife, actress Nicole Kidman, are in an unmistakable Christmas groove in a video of themselves singing an adorable original holiday song.

The clip emerged on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), just in time to give fans of both entertainers a love-filled Yuletide greeting. In the video, the country singer behind this year's The Speed of Now Part 1 sits with his partner in front of a festive outdoor backdrop, cradling an acoustic guitar and belting out an intimate version of his 2019 number "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight." Only this time around, Kidman joins in on the fun.

"It should be all green and gold / Watching snow," Urban sings as Kidman drapes her arms around her country star companion. "Comin' down, Charlie Brown / And everybody gathered 'round the tree."

As noted by Today, Kidman doubles Urban's lines at various points in the song — most notably on the lyric, "You don't have to be alone." The emphasis is all the stronger considering the trying year everyone has undergone with the coronavirus pandemic and resultant recession.

Elsewhere in the seemingly impromptu run-through, Kidman lets out a hearty "Oh yeah!" as her hubs continues his bouncy holiday serenade. The actress even adds some extra spice to the selection with a suggestive comment following one of the tune's more evocative lines.

"We can be naughty or nice," Urban sings — it's a lyric that's part of the original song.

But Kidman imbues that reading with a jolt of additional passion.

"I want naughty — a little bit of nice, a lot of naughty," she flirtatiously adds.

The video wraps up with a moving message from the pair.

"I just want to take a second and wish everybody a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, wherever you're watching this right now, from our family to yours," Urban says near the end of the clip. "Here's to a bright and buoyant 2021 all over the world. God bless you all. Thank you so much."

"We love you and we send you our love," Kidman interjects.

Talk about a touching Christmas salutation for fans all over the world. If anyone knows how to do the holiday right, it's gotta be the unflinchingly affectionate duo of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.

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