Do you enjoy time on the water? If you're a fan of kayaking, not only did I find a new spot for you to try out, but there's also a festival coming up!

Michigan's Paddle Antrim Festival is only a couple of weeks away. The two day festival will cover the new 100-mile Chain of Lakes Water Trail. All paddlers are welcome as it's a non-competitive event. Find more information here.

Do you have a favorite place to kayak, canoe or paddleboard? I found a hidden gem for you to try out!

Lake Dubonnet

We all know that Michigan is the home of many lakes. So many, that we've attempted to make a master list several times.

If you're not familiar with Lake Dubonnet, there's a chance you've hear it called something else as it has several other names. Some people refer to it as Big Mud Lake, Little Mud Lake, Mud Lake or Floating Island Lake.

Lake Dubonnet is 502 acres and resides in Grand Traverse County. Not only is it a great spot to kayak, canoe or paddleboard, but it's a popular angler destination. Several different species of fish reside in the lake such as Largemouth Bass, Bluegill and Brown Bullhead.

The Lake is roughly 30 minutes from Traverse City! So if you're up for more adventure, check out downtown T.C. You don't have to try to search for a place to stay either. Check out this handcrafted Airbnb or revamped cigar box factory!

If you're looking for more lakes to visit, keep scrolling!

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