Jack Horner is the guy Hollywood turns to when they have scientific questions about dinosaurs. He's consulted on all the "Jurassic Park" (and now "Jurassic World") movies. He also shows up on a lot of History Channel shows when they need a paleontologist - a dinosaur expert. So, he knows what he's talking about.

According to msn.com, Jack Horner thinks we can have real dinosaurs running around in the next five to ten years. Do we need a mosquito in some amber? (like the ones that started the first "Jurassic Park"). No. We just need some chickens.

Jack says that since birds have evolved from dinosaurs, they already have the ancient genetic material that made them dinosaurs - it's just been turned off - laying dormant in your omelet. But with the advances in genetics, it's possible. The first new dinosaurs wouldn't be very big - but let's remember that the REAL velociraptors were about the size of a turkey. He even goes on to say that if we can figure out that technology, "We could probably get to a unicorn before we get to a dino-chicken.

And wouldn't that make birthday parties even more awesome?


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