I stopped in my tracks today when I read on MLive.com, the Civil War Muster, usually held in Jackson every August, has been cancelled for this year. The good news is that the organizers are planning on "re-tooling" it and bringing it back next year. In 2018 the event was moved from Cascade Falls Park to Ella Sharp Park.

If you've never been to the muster, the main events feature hundreds of Civil War reenactors, with actual cannons and cavalry units, showing what it must've been like to be on or near a Civil War battlefield. I didn't go to the one last year at Ella Sharp Park, but - aside from the battle reenactments, in the past, I've run into Mark Twain, Robert E Lee and the Lincolns, Abe and Mary Todd there. I've heard some pretty interesting speeches from people who have kept absolutely in character. Back in 2015, when I met President Lincoln, he told me, "when I go out to dinner, I always ask for a table, never a Booth". It's comedy like THAT, that keeps me coming back.

If you're a history buff, you owe it to yourself to check it out someday. Hopefully, next year, in Jackson.

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