Yesterday I was at the Eaton County Fair and I met a couple from Boston that happened to be passing through the area and decided to stop by the fair.

I mean how cool is that? As soon as summer started they decided to hop in their car and see the world.

I have to admit, I'm a little jealous because that's an dream of mine. I'd love buy an old van or bus one day, refurbish it and hit the open road. Ya know, something sort of like this!

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Well, a couple from Jackson did something sort of similar!

Visiting All of America's National Parks

Teresa, 68, and Larry Graetz, 69, of Jackson just recently finished their dream of visiting every national park in the U.S. on June 14!

The Graetz' started their journey in 2013 but had to take a year off because of the pandemic. Larry told MLive that they're excited that they were finally able to finish their journey.

We both just thought it was an amazing journey through this beautiful country we live in. Right now, we're just relishing that we accomplished it.

Not only did they get to travel and see several beautiful destinations, but they also had to take a few training classes in order to ensure their safety.

In 2019 when they visited the Katmai National Park in Alaska, they had to take a bear training class because bears fish in the river.

Teresa told MLive that when they were hiking, one of the rangers received a call that a mother bear and her cubs were on their path. So, they were told to hide behind the trees until the bears passed.

You can read the full story on what inspired their eight year trip on MLive's website.

Could you imagine?! I mean it makes sense but I think most people without the educational training would never think to hide behind a tree.

I would've assumed that was one of the worst hiding spots. Ya know, kind of like when someone hides behind the living room curtains in a scary movie and you know where they are because you can see their feet.

Shows how much I know about the wilderness haha. Aren't you glad I'm not your tour guide?

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