So, let's say that you get a bonus at work...and with that bonus money, you decide to try your luck at a casino. However, before you even get to the casino to try your luck, you decide to stop and buy some scratch-off tickets. You scratch those tickets but don't realize that you've actually won so, you proceed to go to the casino. While at the casino, you actually win a couple hundred bucks and are feeling pretty good about life. I mean, a bonus and a victory at the casino all in the same week? That's good stuff.

However, this is when the lottery story takes an unusual turn and goes back to those scratch-off tickets that you bought before you went to the casino. After your casino win, you decide to take a second look at those scratch-off tickets and that's when you realize that you've won $300,000. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't and according to the Michigan Lottery, all of this recently happened to man from Jackson County. Click here to see what happened and which ticket he purchased for the big win.

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