It is official.

Forbes has released its 400 Richest People in America list.

In 2023, there are 8 Michiganders that you may know that are featured on the list.

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What is Forbe's 400 Richest People in America list?

Photo by David Suarez on Unsplash
Photo by David Suarez on Unsplash

Every year, Forbes compiles a list of the richest people in the country. This year is no different.

"America's superrich are riding high again. After losing a collective $500 billion last year, the nation’s 400 wealthiest people have gained it all back. This elite set is now worth $4.5 trillion in aggregate, tying a record set in 2021, and it takes $2.9 billion to make The Forbes 400, another tied record. Half the gains came from rebounding technology stocks. Eight tech moguls added $10 billion or more to their fortunes. One name you won’t see: Donald Trump. The ex-president’s fortune fell 19% to $2.6 billion. Net worths were calculated using stock prices from September 8, 2023. "

It is truly insane how much money these people on this list have.

"The wealthiest people in the U.S. are as wealthy as ever—and the cutoff to make the list now stands at a record-tying $2.9 billion."

Who Are The Top Ten Richest People in America?

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The top ten richest people in the country will not surprise you a bit.

  1. Elon Musk - $251 billion
  2. Jeff Bezos - $161 billion
  3. Larry Ellison - $158 billion
  4. Warren Buffett - $121 billion
  5. Larry Page - $114 billion
  6. Bill Gates - $111 billion
  7. Sergey Brin - $110 billion
  8. Mark Zuckerberg - $106 billion
  9. Steve Ballmer - $101 billion
  10. Michael Bloomberg - $96.3 billion

What 8 Michiganders Made Forbes' 400 Richest People In America List?

solvod, iStockphoto / Getty Images
solvod, iStockphoto / Getty Images

There are 8 Michiganders that are featured on this list.

Honestly, you can probably guess 3 of them.

Scroll below to see what Michiganders made the list.

You can check out the full Forbes list here.

Eight Michiganders Make Forbes’ ‘400 Richest People in America’ List

Forbes released the 400 Richest People in America list. What 8 Michiganders were featured on the list? You may not be shocked.

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