Several states, including parts of Michigan, will be plunged into darkness during the solar eclipse on April 8th.

Authorities have issued warnings about the danger Michigan residents can face.

What is going on?

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Officials Warn Of Eclipse Cell Phone Outages In Michigan

A lot of chaos may be happening on April 8 for a multitude of reasons.

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From distracted drivers to out-of-towners flocking to see the solar eclipse, to crowd gathering to food shortages to cell phones, there are so many things that officials are worried will happen.

Many schools, including here in Michigan, have decided to close due to safety concerns.

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AT&T stated that in 2017, many people across their networks saw major slowdowns during the eclipse.


However, upgrades have taken place since then so they expect "no direct operational impact" to happen to their network.

At the same time, Verizon has also stated that their network should not be impacted during the eclipse, as well.

A Verizon spokesperson spoke to WKRN stating that,

"In areas where people may gather to experience this event, we’re confident the additional capacity we’ve layered into the network over the past few years will accommodate any increases in data usage."

As for T-Mobile, they have stated that their "network is ready for the eclipse." They also plan on "deploying additional cell sites" for the increased traffic.


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While these networks are saying there will be no issues, people are still advised to do the following:

  • Charge your phone fully well before the eclipse
  • Bring chargers with you
  • Carry extra food and water in your vehicle
  • Stay in your area during the eclipse

Those with charging vehicles that cannot go 10-plus hours without charging are being asked to not use them.

If you want to check out the area of Michigan that will see the total eclipse, you can here.

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