Updated: Michigan residents, restaurants and manufacturers are excited for the permanent Cocktails To-Go Law in the state.

No, it doesn't mean you can drink and drive. It does mean, you can order to-go drinks when you get food delivered from certain restaurants & bars, though.

What will Michigan's Cocktails To-Go Law Allow?

It makes the temporary law, which was set to expire January 1, 2026, permanent. That was established during the beginning of the pandemic to allow bars and restaurants another way to make money through deliveries.

In addition to restaurants and bars, manufacturers will be allowed to permanently sell this way, too. But there will be differences in how each is able to deliver.

Here's how each entity will have to abide by the law for delivery:

  • Restaurants and Bars are allowed to deliver adult beverages by using an employee or third-party delivery service like Uber Eats or DoorDash.
    • Drinks must not be made in advance -- only upon order receipt.
    • Drinks must be sealed and marked "Contains Alcohol. Must be 14 delivered to a person 21 years of age or older."
    • "Qualified Containers" must be used. Those are defined as "a clean, sealable container 2 that is for the sale of alcoholic liquor for consumption off the 3 premises, that has a liquid capacity that does not exceed 1 gallon, 4 and that, after it is filled, is sealed with a device or material 5 that is used to fully close off the container securely with no 6 perforations or straw holes.
    • Person receiving drinks must show ID.
  • Manufacturers can only deliver by employees.
    • Think of this section as a tasting room at a distillery, brewery, etc.
    • This can also apply to off-site tastings for a manufacturer given they have proper licensing.
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Just know this does NOT mean you can take a partially consumed drink from your restaurant table, home.

WNEM-TV-5 reports Michigan is the 23rd state to have such a law.

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