Vernors Ginger Ale is definitely a Michigan thing. It's still bottled in our state, albeit no longer in Detroit. That ended almost 40 years ago. Now, it's in Holland, MI and bottled by the Keurig Dr. Pepper company.

People are noticing Vernors, in fountain-form, around the state in certain golden arches restaurants, too.

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Is McDonald's selling Vernors on the fountain now?

Apparently, around 30 Metro Detroit McDonald's have been selling Vernor's on the fountain for the last few years according to CBS Detroit.

And, McDonald's has it published on their corporate web menu, too. Only 80 calories in a large size. Not bad.

Photo Credit: Vernors Dr. Pepper Snapple via Wikipedia (no changes made) Logo used to feature history of Vernors in News Article
Photo Credit: Vernors Dr. Pepper Snapple via Wikipedia (no changes made) Logo used to feature history of Vernors

Reddit users wondered if the oldest soft drink in the United States was served on a fountain. Folks reminded each other of the Metro Detroit Mickey D's locations serving it, but remembered back in the day when there was a 7/11 Vernors Slurpee, too. (nom nom)

In the Flint area, Halo Burger and Big John's have always had it on tap. Halo Burger's Boston Cooler is built around Vernors -- nothing like vanilla ice cream and ginger ale.

Will Vernors be sold at McDonald's all over Michigan?

Clearly, franchisees are allowed to sell it, but that doesn't mean all will do so. Those same Reddit users mentioned seeing it at some Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti, Saginaw and Grand Rapids locations, but "it seems to run out a lot." Not surprising, it's delicious.

People have always insisted McDonald's Coca-Cola was different, or better, than anything out of a bottle or can because of its crisp-ness or seemingly extra bubbles. Now, the always effervescent (bubbly) Vernors is getting that same treatment, if you can find it.

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