You can't throw a rock in Michigan without hitting a dollar store, they seem to be everywhere these days.

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Inexpensive products are the number one thing that attracts people to dollar stores. I mean, everyone wants to feel like they're getting a deal. However, many are willing to sacrifice quality over "a good deal." Sometimes it's worth spending a little extra to get a quality product.

We're not saying you can't find quality products or find some great deals at your local dollar store, we're just going to talk about some products that you might want to avoid and why.


The money-spending experts at Reader's Digest compiled a solid list of items that you should avoid buying at dollar stores. These products are often cheaply made, unsafe, unhealthy, or have the possibility of being expired.

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While I might run into a dollar store to buy gift bags for birthdays and holidays, I won't run in to buy electronics or a phone charger. If you buy a phone change from a dollar store, you'll be buying a new one in less than a week. Experts say those brands often get parts from different places, and they're not always the same. This means we can't be as sure about the quality and safety compared to well-known brands that have high standards for all the materials they use.

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