While Michigan is not known for having snake-infested lakes, there are some that have a greater variety of snake species than others in the state.

A-Z Animals recently put together an article on the top snake-infested lakes around the United States. Michigan may not be "snake-infested" but we sure do have a lot of lakes. As you can imagine some of those lakes have snakes.

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Thankfully, the most common water snakes found in Michigan's lakes are all non-venomous. Venomous or not, I would freak out if I ever encountered a snake while swimming in one of Michigan's lakes...totally freak out.

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The only venomous snake species found in Michigan is the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake which is sometimes found near water. However, they typically avoid open water and are more commonly found in vegetation or on land near water sources within their range. That doesn't necessarily mean they're not out there from time to time.

What Kind of Water Snakes Are Found in Michigan Lakes?

  • Northern Water Snakes
  • Eastern Garter Snake
  • Queen Snake
  • Kirtland's Snake
  • Ribbon Snake

What is the #1 Most Snake Infested Lake in Michigan?

According to the article, Lake St. Clair is the most snake-infested lake in Michigan.

Other Michigan lakes to make the list include Houghton Lake, Lake Fenton, Lake Orion, and Long Lake.

I'm surprised Long Lake wasn't #1 on the list as that lake is home to northern water snakes, eastern garter snakes, and even the venomous Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake.

I'll be thinking twice before I jump into Lake Fenton again, that's for sure.

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